Student Experience Task Force

Students in Meyer Library atrium

Anticipated trends

  • “Student success” will be broadly defined, including not only academic excellence, but also moral, intellectual, spiritual, social and professional growth.
  • To succeed, students will need to be well-prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world by remaining flexible, adaptable and lifelong learners.
  • Students will need to develop the interpersonal, collaborative and professional skills required to succeed in the real world; have a deep appreciation for diversity and inclusion; value personal and professional growth; and seek opportunities that lead to the development of meaningful and long-lasting relationships.
  • Building loyalty and engagement with alumni will depend on those alumni having a productive experience as a student, including feelings of support, education and connection.


  • Missouri State will continue to help build students’ courage, competence and confidence to make good personal and professional decisions.
  • The University will continue to create multiple opportunities and encourage all students to become involved in a variety of activities designed to build leadership, service and collaborative skills, while increasing awareness of and appreciation for global diversity and inclusion.
  • Missouri State will continue to provide a safe, secure environment in which students can learn and grow and feel comfortable challenging themselves.
  • The University will continue to create tailored pathways and activities to meet the needs of different student populations: transfer, veteran, non-traditional, first-generation, ethnically diverse, international, online, etc.

Major issues

  • It is important that students be engaged in the public affairs mission and its three pillars: community engagement, ethical leadership and cultural competence.
  • The ability to provide strong academic programs that develop employable skills and career pathways will increase in importance, spanning from the classroom into “real life” experiences through supervised practice (i.e., internships, practicums, part-time jobs, etc.).
  • Traditions, school spirit and pride will be key to fully engaging students and creating strong alumni.
  • Given the high profile of intercollegiate athletics, the positive impact athletics can have, and the changes occurring nationally and regionally, it is important for Missouri State to determine the proper role for athletics to enhance the student experience, build community relations, and connect with alumni and donors.


Missouri State University will provide a rich, memorable, distinctive and transformative educational experience through a variety of curricular and co-curricular experiences that will ensure students succeed both in college and after.

Questions for the next long-range plan

  • How can high impact and immersion experiences – service-learning, internships and practicums, Education Abroad, etc. – be expanded to involve more students?
  • What initiatives could expand leadership opportunities for students?
  • How can alumni be better engaged in meaningful ways with their alma mater to support current students?
  • What initiatives can help orient and socialize new undergraduate and graduate students (e.g., first year, transfers, first-generation, West Plains campus transfers, online, etc.) to the Missouri State community?
  • Are there ways to improve advising to help monitor student success, provide early alerts to at-risk students and connect students to services from which they can benefit?
  • What traditions can be implemented or expanded – at the beginning of the school year, at graduations, at athletic events, etc. – to enhance school spirit and pride?


Dee Siscoe
Vice President, Student Affairs

Gib Adkins
On-Site Outreach Coordinator in Lebanon

Nancy Allen
Senior Instructor, Finance and Risk Management

Tara Benson
Associate Director, Plaster Student Union
Director, Student Engagement

Mark Biggs
Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Kathy Davis
Director, Academic Advisement Center

Lori Fan
Executive Director, Alumni Relations

Kevin Greim
Senior Director, Athletics Development

Tom Kane
Professor, Psychology

T-Asia Mays

Jordan McGee

Jennifer Morris

Joye Norris
Associate Provost, Access and Outreach

Andrew Simmonds

Michele Smith
Assistant Professor, School of Special Education, Leadership and Professional Studies

Angela Totty
Dean of Student Services, West Plains Campus

Samantha Warner
Instructor, Agriculture

Background materials

Interim Report (March 2015)