Program Requirements

Learning to detect and prevent fraud

The forensic accounting certificate is a 12-hour program consisting of advanced accounting courses specific to issues of fraud detection, prevention and litigation support.

Required courses   (12 hrs)

Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours
ACC 754 Forensic Accounting: Litigation Support and Expert Witnessing 3 hrs
ACC 752 Fraud Examination 3 hrs
ACC 751 Computer Forensics and IT Auditing 3 hrs
Select one of the following:
ACC 741 Advanced Accounting and Management Information Systems 3 hrs
ACC 750 Advanced Auditing 3 hrs
ACC 794 Internship (Forensic Accounting related) 3 hrs
ACC 796 Independent Study (Forensic Accounting related) 3 hrs

To receive your certificate in forensic accounting, you must take the following courses: