Clients receive helpful insight from a counseling student.

Foster social and personal growth

As a counselor, you can guide and empower people through their developmental and mental health needs.

Use your skills to make a positive impact in schools and clinical settings.

Graduate programs

Whether you're looking to join the profession or expand your skills, we can help you achieve your goals in counseling.

A counseling student reviews a recorded session to observe and improve her therapy techniques.
Become a professional counselor through our CACREP-accredited program.
A child and her teacher paint a picture together.
Make playtime purposeful. Explore therapy methods to instruct and guide children.
MSU students work with children in therapy settings.
Engage with students to cultivate success in their personal, academic and professional lives.
A DotCom Therapy speech therapist conducts an online session with a client.
Meet your clients where they are by specializing in online counseling.