Watermark Faculty Success (Formerly Digital Measures/Activity Insight)

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Watermark Faculty Success (Formerly Activity Insight from Digital Measures)

What is it and what do we hope to accomplish this year?

Watermark Faculty Success is an information system adopted by the university.

The central purpose of Watermark Faculty Success is to help faculty and administrators work smarter, not harder in maintaining information generally reflected in faculty vitae in a manner which will allow for updating and monitoring by the faculty. This year we hope to shore up centralized support for faculty success and plot a new workflow module that can be used a spart of Annual Evaluations for probationary faculty as well as Tenure and Promotion. The goal is to bring a broader group of faculty from the campus into utilizing a template for generating reports needed for annual reviews for all faculty. This system will enable faculty leaders, program coordinators, and those in charge of accreditation within departments and key administrators to produce several different reports and formats for vitae that will not require the faculty to prepare separate documents.

A Faculty Success Advisory Committee meets regularly to discuss challenges with product and process to suggest improvements. New training videos developed with the help of the FCTL, and other materials will be provided in October to help faculty better understand how to enter information into the system reflecting teaching, research, and service.

Watermark Faculty Success is a completely secure system that has been closely scrutinized by Computer Services. During the fall semester, information at the college level will continue to be entered and modifications made to the screens to tailor the system for Missouri State. While many institutions of higher education are using the product for Compensation, Tenure, Promotion, and other annual evaluation processes, our goal this year will be to have the faculty information entered and made accessible to the faculty for review and edits by the end of the fall semester. Each college is working to enter the initial information and one or two may be ready to provide access to the faculty sooner than the rest.

It is very important that faculty know that their information is protected and will not be released to the public. We are moving in stages to customize the system and to work with the interface with Banner and Evaluation Kit, which will dramatically increase our capacity to produce high quality reports of faculty activity that will reflect current teaching loads and course evaluations.

As we continue to make progress and as faculty become more familiar with the features of the system, we will explore other uses that may help to streamline other routine reporting based on faculty accomplishments and productivity. An implementation committee meets regularly, and faculty are encouraged to provide in-put to the Associate Dean or designee in each college on how to make the system as useful as possible. See link to Faculty Success Advisory Committee.

Faculty Success User Guide

This document includes information about the basic aspects of Faculty Success.

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