Students in front of Meyer Library at sunset

Making a long-range plan is a task that we take very seriously at Missouri State University. We look at priorities. We look at trends. We investigate missed opportunities – and so much more.

At times, it feels like we’re looking into a crystal ball to see the university as it will be in five years, and that’s challenging. The political and social environments change. Technology, and thereby student expectations and needs, change. Funding formulas change.

However, we think of our long-range plan as a promise: a promise of improvement, momentum and transparency.

Four goals of the 2011-16 plan

  • Improve the undergraduate programs across campus through emphasis on student learning outcomes, and elevate multiple programs to “destination program” status.
  • Strengthen and expand focused graduate programs to positively impact the region and state.
  • Create a more diverse student body and workforce.
  • Establish the university as an “employer of choice.”

Strategic directions and objectives

These goals, paired with the overarching and enduring commitments of student learning, inclusive excellence and institutional impact, led the way for developing the strategic directions and objectives:

With these strategic directions and objectives outlined, we began matching our daily functions with measurable outcomes to keep us accountable to fulfilling the promises expressed in the 2011-16 long-range plan

Here we look back at the past five years, pleased by the Promises Fulfilled.

Clif Smart
Missouri State President