Program Philosophy

The faculty of the department of physical therapy subscribes to the general tenets of Missouri State University and has developed the following philosophy:

  1. We believe that physical therapy is an evolving profession that encompasses health promotion, preventive education, and skilled evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment designed to improve function and/or limit impairment and disability.
  2. We believe that the physical therapist who will flourish in the health care market of today is a practitioner who is not only clinically competent, but one who delivers evidence-based care, who demonstrates a high level of professional and personal character and integrity, who is internally motivated, is a critical thinker, and who is a proactive problem-solver.
  3. We believe that, as health care professionals, we are collectively here to serve humanity and that through our educational program our students will pass on these values that will eventually influence the global community.
  4. We believe that we have a responsibility to the public that includes being active in local, state and federal health care issues, as well as issues related to education, health promotion and quality of life.
  5. We believe that critical inquiry is essential to the development of new service models, as well as ensuring the profession’s continued viability and growth.
  6. We believe that we have an obligation to our profession that is met, in part, by providing opportunities for continuing education and professional development for our colleagues, by producing a highly competent graduate, and by contributing to the body of knowledge through our research efforts. We realize that new communication and interactive technologies will help improve our ability to meet this obligation.
  7. We believe that, as educators, we have a responsibility to provide our students with an environment in which they can learn effectively and efficiently, with the understanding that learning is a lifelong endeavor which is complemented by a questioning mind and reflective thought.
  8. We embrace the concept of adult learning, where instructors serve as facilitators of the learning and thinking process. Our educational process focuses on active learning, where students and instructors alike share the responsibility of providing and obtaining the ultimate educational experience.
  9. We maintain high expectations for ourselves as faculty members, for our program, and for our students, realizing that our students will emulate our behavior, and may learn more from what we do as we participate in our profession, than from what we might say in the classroom.