Core Values

Missouri State's physical therapy program subscribes to the general tenets of the university and have developed the following core values, which are similar to those described by the American Physical Therapy Association.


We are steadfast in our adherence to moral and ethical codes. We build integrity when our thoughts are accurately expressed by our words and communication, and when our thoughts and communication are congruent with our actions and activities. Our intentions and actions are honorable and ethically sound, and reflect who we are on a consistent basis.


We adhere to principles that lead to the just treatment of people, not based on rigid rules or laws, but based on a desire to guide our lives using the fair application of fundamental standards and principles founded in respect for all people. This includes our faculty, staff, students, patients, family, administrative personnel, clinical partners, and ourselves. We honor and respect them, and ourselves, as individuals with unique talents.


We use knowledge wisely and, whenever possible, with complete understanding so as to have the power of discerning and judging correctly and of discriminating between what is proper and what is improper. We realize that life is a series of choices that create our reality. We understand that the quality of our choices produces the quality of our lives. When our choices are based and guided by ethical principles we create a just and responsible society.


We have the capacity and willingness to lead with service to humanity in mind. We demonstrate steadfastness even in the face of obstacles.


We are willing to serve humanity with competence and enthusiasm. We believe that serving humanity is the best way to facilitate positive change in society.


We are responsible and accountable for our actions. We do not blame others for our inadequacies or poor decisions. We are answerable, liable, and chargeable for our acts and deeds. We take “ownership” of our circumstances and control them to the best of our ability.


We understand the importance of balancing what we want now with what we want most. We are able to defer gratification, particularly if it means attaining a larger, and fundamentally more important, goal. We are dedicated to constant improvement, which requires self-recognition of our weaknesses and a desire to convert them into strengths.


We understand that excellence is an individual and collective journey, ever changing and growing with our own ability to excel, to be flexible, to be positive in outlook, and to work collectively to reach common goals. We have high expectations of ourselves, even when faced with adversity. Our standards of conduct and academic excellence shall be, and are, models of excellence for others to emulate.


Empowerment fosters self-control and self-motivation. We believe that empowerment leads to proactive interaction whereby we accomplish much more collectively than we could ever accomplish alone. Empowerment may include mentoring, and learning the self-discipline and self-motivation necessary to make empowerment a reality.


Individually and especially collectively, we are not afraid to take calculated and contemplated risks. We have courage and conviction to pursue our visions. We believe in ourselves and in our collective ability to accomplish our visions.