Onward, Upward: The Campaign for Missouri State University

Privately Funded Student Scholarships

Scholarships open a world of possibilities to our undergraduate, graduate and transfer students.

While our in-state tuition is lower than the average for statewide public institutions, paying for school still can put an education out of reach for some students. Many Bears work one or more part-time jobs. This takes time away from studying and limits their opportunities to participate in student groups, which could enhance their MSU experience.

You can help. Students who earn our scholarships have achieved academic excellence or shown a financial need. In some cases, students have done both. Imagine the difference you are making for them — not just for now, but for the rest of their lives.

What types of scholarships may I support?

Permanently endowed scholarships

Endowed scholarships, which will be available to students permanently, begin at the $25,000 level. As the donor(s), you specify the purpose of the fund. You will work with our staff to create a memorandum of understanding when the fund is established. Endowed scholarships help us provide an excellent education to qualifying students.  

Restricted current scholarships (expendable funds)

These scholarships begin at $5,000. Expendable funds are available immediately to students in the designated college or department. You may specify the purpose of the fund through a memorandum of understanding that will be created when your fund is established.

The impact of scholarships at Missouri State

In the academic year 2018-19, the MSU Foundation awarded a total of $1,730,871.25 in scholarships to 1,495 students. These awards help these students focus on their educations!