Onward, Upward: The Campaign for Missouri State University

Faculty Support

A great education starts with passionate teachers and researchers. They make a difference in the lives of their students.

Decades after graduation, many alumni still remember their dedicated professors. Maybe a mentor helped them navigate a difficult class, or an instructor helped them chart a path to personal and professional success.

Endowed faculty chairs, professorships and fellowships help us compete with other universities, the corporate sector and government. They allow us to recruit and retain leading scholars and scientists. Increasing the number of endowed faculty positions at Missouri State will have multiple benefits. These faculty create positive experiences for students. In addition, more endowments keep faculty energized and relevant. A single endowed faculty member can raise the profile and standing of an entire academic department.

What types of faculty endowments may I support?

Endowed fellowship

A fellowship is an honor for an outstanding faculty member. They may be established with gifts beginning at the $100,000 level.

Endowed professorship

An endowed professorship is an honor bestowed on an outstanding faculty member. These endowed funds generate an annual income to help the faculty member with additional resources for research and teaching. Professorships may be established with a gift of $250,000.

Endowed chair

An endowed chair is an elite academic position held only by top professors. The annual income generated from this endowment provides the faculty member with additional resources for research and teaching. Endowed chairs begin at $1 million.