Program Requirements

The nurse educator certificate program consists of a combination of 12 online credit hours of course work and 192 clinical rotation hours in the location where you reside. You must be able to complete this certificate program in five years after you begin the program. Most students are able to complete the program within three to four semesters.

Retention requirements

To remain in the Nurse Educator Certificate program, the students must:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.00, with no more than one course with a grade of "C", and no course with a grade of "D" or lower. Receive a “pass” in all clinical evaluations.
  2. Complete all coursework within five academic years after admission into the Nurse Educator Certificate program.
  3. Demonstrate acceptable professional progression in application of skills and knowledge in the Nurse Educator Certificate program.
  4. Maintain current American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life (BLS) certification, RN licensure, health and professional liability insurance, and all immunizations required by clinical agencies throughout the program.
  5. Notify the School of Nursing within five (5) days in the event of any legal infractions or any actions taken against their nursing license, or any investigation of such incidences.

Technological requirements

The Missouri State University NE certificate uses a combination of online and on-campus modalities. Didactic online content may be delivered using asynchronous and synchronous formats. Applicants to the NE certificate must be proficient using online learning management systems, word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation graphics software. Students are expected to be able to manage files, navigate the internet, access resources, locate scholarly references from the library, and use a headset/microphone, computer camera, scanner and fax machine. Students who have deficiencies in these areas must seek training before the start of the program.
The School of Nursing uses a Blackboard management system for all courses. Additionally, web conferencing software may be used for synchronous course offerings and other experiences. Specific information on web conferencing software used in class will be provided in the course syllabus.  Access to a personal computer/laptop with broadband/high speed internet connections, a web camera, and a headset with microphone are required.

Required courses (12 hours)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
NUR 780 Teaching/Learning for Health Care Educators 3 hrs
NUR 781 Nursing Education Practicum I 3 hrs
NUR 782 Program Development and Evaluation in Nursing Education  2 hrs
NUR 784 Technologies in Nursing Education  2 hrs
NUR 787 Advanced Nursing Clinical Management 2 hrs