Application Steps

Ready to apply? Complete two applications

First, apply to Missouri State University. Then, apply to the BSN-C program.

1. Apply to Missouri State University

Apply as a transfer student, declaring the BSN-completion program as your major.

When you declare, you’re listed as a pre-major until you satisfy all admission requirements. Once you’re accepted to Missouri State University, you may apply to the BSN-completion program.

Apply to Missouri State

2. Apply to the BSN-C program

After being accepted to Missouri State University, submit a request to be admitted to the BSN-C program.

Apply to BSN-C

Your next steps

Get in touch

Contact us at to make an appointment. You’ll receive guidance about the program and your class schedule.

You cannot register for classes without an advisor’s release.

Contact us

Register for classes

Your nursing courses are taught in eight-week blocks. You can start in the spring, fall or summer.

NRS 443 and NRS 482 each have a 24-hour practicum component that you can complete at your current workplace or elsewhere in your community.

You can register for classes through My Missouri State.