Introduction to Leadership Course (Basic Course)

Are you interested in military science?

Basic course

The Basic Course encompasses two freshman and two sophomore Military Science classes. There are prerequisites for some of the classes, view the course descriptions for specifics. There is no military service obligation for enrolling in any of the Basic Course classes. The primary objective of the Basic Course is to provide college students with an understanding of the United States Army in general and Army ROTC in particular. Students wishing to contract as a Basic Course cadet will receive a monthly stipend of $300-$350. Additionally, students who complete three Basic Course classes and meet departmental criteria, qualify for enrollment in the Advanced Courses, if they decide to continue in the Military Science program to earn an officer’s commission in the U.S. Army.

MIL 225 and MIL 325 Fees

Students enrolling in MIL 225 and MIL 325 will be charged a flat fee of $150. This fee is in place of the per credit hour fee, not in addition to those fees.

Students seeking to complete the Basic Course need to take the following courses:

  • MIL 101 Introduction to Military Science
  • MIL 102 Introduction to Basic Military Skills
  • MIL 211 Basic Military Skills and Techniques
  • MIL 212 Military Fundamentals Practicum

All students are encouraged to take MIL 125 Leadership Fitness to meet their physical fitness requirement for the Army ROTC.