Simultaneous Membership (SMP)


With SMP, you can receive benefits from both Army National Guard (or U.S. Army Reserve) and Army ROTC at the same time. You must be contracted with ROTC to receive full benefits.


Must meet all enlistment requirements for the Army National Guard (or U.S. Army Reserves).

You will most likely attend Basic Training during the next available summer, unless you are a veteran student and have already been to Basic Training.

You must be enrolled in a ROTC class and be in pursuit of commissioning as an Army Officer when you graduate from college.


  • $338 per month - paid for monthly drill (2021 pay rate)
  • $420 per month - paid per academic month while in ROTC
  • tuition payment - Depending on the benefit being used and requirements
  • non-deployable while in college and in pursuit of commisisoning
  • serve as officer trainees under the supervision and guidance of a commissioned officer