Email Communications Policy and Procedures


Targeted emails are messages directed to specific users based on a variety of attributes, including role, major and course. They can also be sent to members of a group.

Mass emails are messages sent to the entire group of one or more of the following: faculty, staff or students.

These procedures are recommended for sending effective emails.

Each department/unit approver shall use the following criteria for sending a targeted or mass email.

Appropriate use

  • Emails should be related to the official business of the University.
  • The subject line of the email should be brief, but must convey the topic of the message. If action is required, that should be indicated in the subject.
  • Emails are meant to be brief and informative.
  • Emails should be cordial and care should be taken to ensure that text is composed using an appropriate tone or attitude.
  • Since users have various options for email browsers, please use plain text when possible.
  • Do not use attachments.

Selecting your audience

  • Emails should be sent to the smallest group possible while still reaching the intended audience. Examples include:
    • If an email pertains to faculty members in one academic college, it should be sent to only those faculty members, not all faculty members.
    • If an email pertains to academic support professionals, it should be sent to only those staff members, not all staff members.
    • If an email pertains to all freshmen, it should be sent to only those students, not all students.
    • The same holds true for smaller groups such as departments, offices or majors.
  • Groups can be built from actions taken. Examples include:
    • Employees who have participated in a particular type of class before may be interested in learning about more opportunities.
    • Students who have taken specific classes may be interested in information about majoring in a related subject.

Other communication options

If the email does not fit the proper criteria for a targeted or mass email, please consider using the following outlets for your communication: