Office of Video Marketing

Video production

Nothing communicates your Missouri STATEment quite like a well-produced video. Video is playing an increasingly important role in brand development and our team of video creators will work with you to turn your ideas into a product you’ll be proud to share. The Office of Video Marketing can provide pre-production planning, filming, editing and final production details for produced promotional/marketing videos (not live events).

Approved video projects will meet the goals and objectives of the Division of Marketing and Communications.


Scheduling a video production is dependent on your project needs, our availability and the number of projects currently scheduled.

Please contact us as early as possible to discuss your video project needs.

Production rates

Service Rate Details
Single camera filming $75/hr Includes setup time, one camera operator and one camera
Two camera filming $100/hr Includes setup time, two camera operators and two cameras
Aerial drone filming $75/hr Includes setup time, drone operator and spotter
Video editing $50/hr Includes audio and video editing, color correction, etc.
Pre-production services $25/hr Includes planning, assistance with script writing, interview questions and scheduling of talent

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