The Primary Responsibilities of MSU Faculty are Teaching, Research and Service

Service includes “consultations and applications of disciplinary knowledge and expertise to address the needs of professional organizations and public constituencies,” including the larger Springfield community.

Partnership was mutually beneficial


90% of community partners agreed or strongly agreed that the partnership between their organization and Missouri State University was mutually beneficial.
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Partnership made a difference


89% identified that the community-university partnership makes or has made a difference in the community.
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Would form partnership again


91% of organizations participating in the survey identified that they would enter into partnerships with Missouri State University again.
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Community engagement will be more fully integrated into academia

As part of the tenure system, faculty members are evaluated for their teaching, research and university service. Faculty members can already get teaching waivers when they’re involved in large research projects or university service responsibilities. In the future, the university will allow faculty members to apply for teaching waivers when they’re involved in large community service projects.

Faculty members will be encouraged to become deeply and meaningfully involved in significant community projects. The teaching buyout will allow them to spend more time working on the projects. All projects will also involve students. This will have the dual purpose of providing community leadership to address important community problems and challenges, and it allow students to have meaningful experiences as well.

The university’s public affairs mission will also be more fully integrated into teaching and research. Faculty members will be encouraged to use research to develop potential solutions to community problems.