Skill Up or Re-Skill: Academic Credentials Answer the Call

Emerging careers. Promotions. Job loss. The list goes on, but all relate to an attainable solution. Students and graduates can build on their educational and experiential background by adding academic credentials.

In response to the ebb and flow of the economy or the desire to change careers, stacking easily attainable academic credentials lends to furthering education across one’s lifespan.


Growth industry


Health care is Springfield’s #1 growth industry.

Embracing synergy for better prepared students

Interdisciplinary collaborations – such as bringing together computer science and cell and molecular biology programs – provide unique and flexible opportunities to respond to relevant student, industry and societal needs. These cross-unit initiatives will power strategic growth, and they will mitigate reductions. Faculty champions and dynamic partnerships will usher the integration of curricula across disciplines and respond to emerging needs.

Predicted areas of industry growth: 

  • Data science.

  • Mental health.

  • Health care.

  • STEM.

  • Sustainability.

  • Technology assisted teaching and health care delivery.