Professional Doctorate Offers Academic and Professional Benefits

Olivia attended a regional university in Missouri and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After she graduated, she moved to Springfield to work as a children's service worker for the Missouri Department of Social Services, children’s division.

After a few years working for the state, Olivia decided she was interested in becoming a psychologist. She learned about the collaborative Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program run by Missouri State University and Burrell Behavioral Health.

Missouri State faculty members teach classes at the university and see clients at Burrell. And employees of Burrell see clients at Burrell, but also teach classes at the university.

This arrangement appealed to Olivia because, as a student, she would learn from professors who are not only knowledgeable about teaching psychology, but also current practitioners.

Olivia would also be able to do her clinical hours at the Burrell/MSU Clinic for Mental Health. The clinic serves youth and adult homeless populations and uninsured patients.

During her years working with families in the Department of Social Services, Olivia knows that mental health is a significant underlying problem with many families in the system. She’s excited to take this next step in her education and career and to help meet the mental health needs of the community.

Big ideas

Big ideas

  • MSU creates a professional doctoral program in psychology.
  • Partners create a mental health center for homeless and uninsured people.
  • Creative workload allows faculty to practice professionally as part of their employment at Missouri State.