Lifelong Student Subscription Eases Career Change

Abby earned an art history degree from Missouri State. When she graduated, she joined the university’s “Lifelong Student” program. A small annual subscription allows Abby to take classes at the university at no cost or at a substantially reduced cost.

The program starts at a very low cost, increases marginally through mid-career, and then decreases until it becomes free at age 55.

After graduation, Abby started working as a sales associate in the gift shop at the St. Louis Art Museum while volunteering as a docent at the museum. She worked in the position for a few years and then transferred to a position as a museum technician.

Abby learned that she really enjoyed the business aspects of the museum. She started thinking about moving into the administrative areas of running a museum. Using the Lifelong Student program, Abby started taking business classes through the College of Business.

When an assistant director position opened at the Campbell House Museum, she applied and got the position. She decided to pursue the Management Graduate Certificate to learn more about ways to manage resources, analyze needs and set goals.

After several years, Abby and a co-worker decided they wanted to open their own art boutique. The Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate was the ideal program to prepare her.

Abby and her partner now run a successful art boutique in the Central West End. The Lifelong Student program helped prepare her to find a fulfilling career that combines her love of art and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Big idea

Alumni subscribe to receive free/reduced cost future classes.