Fueling Partnerships Through Innovation And Collaboration

In 2019-20 Missouri State offered 863 courses that involved service-learning. These classes combine academic achievement and work with a community learning site. Almost 6,400 students enrolled in those classes and they contributed more than 160,000 hours to the community.

Classes offering service-learning


863 Missouri State courses offered involved service-learning.
Student participants


6,400 students enrolled in classes offering service-learning.
Service-learning hours


160,000+ hours of contribution were made to the community.

Students will connect with community in meaningful ways

Community engagement is a core component of Missouri State’s public affairs mission. Many students become involved in the community through service-learning classes, volunteer opportunities, and internships and practicums. In the future, community engagement will be integrated throughout a student’s education.

All GEP 101 classes will include a meaningful community engagement project. Students will learn about a community problem and how it’s been addressed. They will see how these community agencies operate and meet the people who are being served. All students will be required to take at least one additional service-learning classes in their major before they graduate. These courses will teach students how their chosen profession – be it art, accounting, biology or anything else – can benefit others.

As students near the end of their studies, they will have the opportunity to have paid internships or practicum experiences with nonprofit organizations. The students will be paid through funds provided by the university or through grants and donations.

Meaningful engagements throughout their time at Missouri State will allow students to develop connections with the community and develop a passion for service. Students will become more connected with the community and more will decide to make Springfield home.