Fueling Partnerships Through Innovation and Collaboration

Community demands, workforce trends and opportunities to share resources will fuel intentional partnerships across academic and industry platforms. These agreements will result in educational and research access for a broader population of students and faculty.


Missouri State University will sustain and expand enrollment by growing and flexing its academic disciplines and programs to meet student interests, industry demands and societal needs.

Attention to supportive and inclusive student access, recruitment and retention strategies will permeate all actions.

Future focus

Specialization will lead the faculty to reimagine pedagogy and its adaptation to the future. Balanced appointments will be as unique to each discipline as the faculty member’s strengths.

Master teachers will gain the support they need to address changing technology, student demographics and industry trends. Practitioner-based research will join traditional research applications, and both will support access and experiential learning. The path to tenure will encompass a broader view of:

  • Community outreach.
  • Workforce development.
  • Interdisciplinary program enhancement.
  • Curriculum innovation.
  • Student mentoring.
  • Scholarship tied to the public affairs mission.