Focused Hiring Practice Launches New Program

John Williams is a biotechnology research specialist in the Darr College of Agriculture. Originally from the Kansas City area, John came to MSU as a member of a faculty cohort cluster hire. He and other members of the cohort joined Missouri State to strengthen its focus on sustainability and STEM programs. Members of his cohort hold faculty appointments across campus.

John found his calling in plant science research and is pursuing his doctoral degree. His research focus is on developing drought-tolerant food crops. He values the opportunity to participate in research at MSU with some of the world’s leading scholars in biotechnology.

Recently, John, who has trouble walking long distances, experienced advances in fieldwork practice. Differing technologies have provided access to field research, including the use of drones. He and his students can catalog data without having to travel on foot to each test site. John now uses a drone to view soil conditions, measure vegetation growth and gather samples.

Whether in the lab or in the field, John respects Missouri State’s commitment to sustainability and sees progress being made in the areas surrounding STEM programs.

Big ideas

Big ideas

  • Cluster hires allow the university to quickly launch new programs.
  • Greater use of technology improves accessibility.