Information Technology Council

Guiding principles

The Missouri State Information Technology Council (IT Council) was created by the university's president to be responsible for planning, coordinating, and reviewing major strategic information technology initiatives for the Missouri State System. The IT Council serves as the Missouri State System's "strategic clearinghouse" to ensure information technology initiatives are appropriate, sustainable, and funded in the most appropriate manner. The organizational structure surrounding the IT Council was developed to give order to the process of IT decision-making. While the IT Council will not coordinate all IT funding, it will establish guidelines for System-wide IT expenditures and prioritize, control, and monitor expenditures from a few central budgets.

IT Council responsibilities

  • Ensures information technology initiatives are aligned with the university's mission, the university's Strategic Information Technology Plan, and approved Division plans.
  • Coordinates the annual review and update of the university's Strategic Information Technology Plan.
  • Reviews large scale or strategic information technology purchase proposals (regardless of fund source), especially those with potential to impact the information technology infrastructure or other System units, including centralized staff and resources.
  • Reviews and approves System-wide information technology policies, procedures, and standard.
  • Periodically reviews and revises the IT decision-making organizational structure, makes committee chair assignments, and provides general structure oversight.

As a Missouri State System-level entity, the IT Council will be responsible for reviewing and approving selected technology purchases proposed by the West Plains and Mountain Grove campuses. Specifically, large-scale technology purchases and those technology purchases which impact multiple System units will require IT Council approval.