Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student, it is important that you understand your options with respect to completion of a general education curriculum, which is required for graduation from Missouri State.  They are as follows:

  • Complete the Missouri State general education requirements, either entirely through MSU coursework or through a combination of MSU coursework and transfer credit.
  • Complete the CORE 42 requirements defined by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, either at another CORE 42 institution or through a combination of MSU coursework and transfer credit.Complete an Associate of Arts degree at another institution.
  • Complete the Missouri 42 hour block that preceded CORE 42.
  • Complete a bachelor’s degree at another institution (i.e., for students seeking a second degree)

If you are a transfer student and have not already completed one of the above then you must fulfill your requirement at Missouri State.  

Your initial placement into a requirement will be based on when and how you began at Missouri State.  You will be placed under CORE 42 if:

  • Your first enrollment as a degree-seeking student is spring 2019 or later; AND,
  • You have earned 12 or more hours of transferrable credit at a CORE 42* participating institution after you graduated from high school.
    *This currently includes all Missouri public two- and four-year institutions.

If you are not in the above category, you will be placed under Missouri State general education.

Students who wish to change from Missouri State general education or vice versa should see the CORE 42 Frequently Asked Questions, which also has information on appealing transfer course equivalencies.

For additional resources for transfer students, please visit the Transfer Center.