Transfer Students

Definition of "Transfer Students"

Transfer students are students who have transferable credit hours from other colleges and/or universities subsequent to high school graduation.

There are several ways that credit can be transferred in to Missouri State. However, transferred credits must be equivalent to courses in the General Education program. As a student in transition to Missouri State, it’s important that you understand which credits will satisfy General Education requirements.

To learn more about how transferred credit is applied to General Education, explore the Transfer Center website or visit the links posted below:

How Credit Transfers

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transferring an Associate’s Degree or Missouri 42-Hour Block Transfer

Reverse Transfer

Find My Advisor

General Education Transfer Appeals

If you want to have a course re-evaluated to see if it might be the direct equivalent of a specific Missouri State University class, contact your academic advisor.

Be ready to discuss the re-evaluation process by accessing the “Transfer Students” box under the tabbed called “Academics” on your page.

Catalog Year Appeal

Another type of appeal involves those who were degree-seeking students at Missouri State University prior to Fall, 1997 (under the old general education program).

*If you were one of these students and would like to remain under the old program, contact Jessica Silvey at to make an appointment with Dr. Rachelle Darabi, who will consider your appeal.

This only works if you had completed (or were within ONE class of completing) the old general education program prior to stepping out. If you had more than one class left in their general education program when you stepped out, you must fulfill the requirements of the new program.