Developing the 2021-26 Long-Range Plan

The university will develop the 2021-26 Long-Range Plan through a collaborative process that seeks broad input from stakeholders.

The Long-Range Plan is the guiding document that charts Missouri State’s path toward achieving its mission. The university utilizes its Long-Range Plan to decide how to allocate resources, determine what initiatives should be pursued, expanded and dissolved and to make other strategic decisions.


September 2020
Future Visioning Long-Range Plan Webinar
October 2020
Theme-specific exploration sessions.
October-December 2020
Steering Committee theme and scenario development.
January-February 2021
Finalize theme/scenarios for campus review.
February-March 2021
Campus input on theme/scenarios--listening sessions.
March-April 2021
Steering Committee finalizes theme/scenarios /draft LRP document.
May 2021
Present final draft to Board of Governors for review.
June 2021
Present to Board of Governors for approval.

Executive leadership team

Clif Smart
Jim Baker
Vice President, Research and Economic Development and International Programs
Frank Einhellig
Dee Siscoe
Vice President, Student Affairs

Steering Committee