Care Consultants

What are Care Consultants?

Care Consultants at Missouri State University are one of the primary contacts with students who are referred to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). Once the referral is recieved within the Dean of Students Office, one of the Care Consultants will reach out to the student of concern and invite them to talk about what may be going on. During this meeting Care Consultants will discuss what concerns there are, well as other topics such as academics, family life, finances, etc. Within this conversation, the Care Consultant may refer students to various resources that MSU has to help the student be successful. 

What resources do the Care Consultants refer students to? 

Students can be referred to BIT for a variety of reasons and each student might need a different resource. MSU offers a wide variety of resources that ensure the student can be supported in all their personal and educational goals. Some of the resources that Care Consultants refer students to are the Counseling Center, Disability Resource Center, Success Coaches, Bear Pantry and Magers Health and Wellness. Along with these there are many more resources that MSU has to offer.

If you are wanting to meet with a Care Consultant, please fill out the online referral form or email