Staff Senate

Reports to the President

Purpose: To serve as a communication medium between the staff and administration of Missouri State University. To identify and address matters of general staff concern by gathering information and relevant issues, studying alternatives, offering recommendations to the administration and sharing background data with the staff.

Membership: Members serve three-year terms. Terms begin July 1 and end June 30.

Gary Wells, Facilities Management (Chair)
William Hader, International Programs (Chair-elect)
Kathleen Hahn, School of Anesthesia (Secretary)
Gabby Lampe, School of Nursing (Coordinator of Communications)
Kelly Schlinder, Foreign Language Institute (Coordinator of Committees)
Kathleen Hains, Theatre & Dance (Past Chair)
Rut Muñoz Aliaga, Networking & Telecommunications
Lesa Anderson, Military Science
Charles Babb, Occupational Therapy
Craig Baird, CNAS
Christina Bowles, Academic Success and Transition
Phil Bridges, English Language Institute
Holly Calkins, Facilities Management
Sherri Cloyd, President’s Office
Jon Collier, Facilities Management
Nicole Dalton, Veteran Student Center
Amy Daniels, Financial Services
Laura Derrick, Planning, Design & Construction
Kelly Evans, Financial Aid
Amy Grace, Facilities Management
Lacey Geiger, Computer Services
Kate Haring, COB
Leonard Haymans, Facilities Management
Kelli Helton, PSY, CHPA
Sandy Johnson, Faculty Senate
Peggy Jones, Student Affairs
Peggy Kahre, MKT, COB
Campbell Keele, COB
Rhonda Lesley, Counseling Center
Shawn McComb, Computer Services
Benjamin Metzger, Freshmen Admissions
Shannon Mitchell, Planning, Design & Construction
Autumn Page, Facilities Management
Angie Piercy, Cooperative Engineering Program
Rebeca Reut-Robinson, MCHHS
Rachel Rigby, Registrar
Yo Satake, Planning, Design & Construction
Jason Smith, Office of University Safety
Julianna Swope, COB
Nancy Underhill, Facilities Management
Carisma Wantland, Facilities Management
Cynthia Warnow, Office of University Safety
Misty Webster, Facilities Management
Danny Winkler, COB

Updated July 11, 2022

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