Interdisciplinary Program Committee

Reports to the Office of the Executive Vice President and the Provost

Purpose: To advise and assist administrators in the development of curriculum and coordination of programming for interdisciplinary programs, including programs in African and African American Studies, Asian Studies, Disability Studies, Diversity Studies, Gender Studies, Latin American Studies, Caribbean and Hispanic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Native American Studies and Ozark Studies.

Pam Sailors, Associate Dean, CHPA
Steve Berkwitz, REL, CHPA
Brooks Blevins, HST, CHPA
Aida Hass, CRM, CHPA
Angela Hornsby-Gutting, HST, CHPA
Erin Kenny, SOC, CHPA
Bill Meadows, SOC, CHPA
Indira Palacios-Valladares, PLS, CHPA
David Romano, PLS, CHPA
Shannon Wooden, ENG, COAL

Updated July 11, 2022

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