Audiology Track

Student presentation

Begin your education in audiology

Students majoring in audiology will prepare themselves to work in the health care field identifying, diagnosing and treating disorders of the auditory system, which includes portions of the ear responsible for hearing and balance. Our undergraduate audiology program offers you clinical observation opportunities in our full service clinic, giving you a more diverse understanding of the communication sciences.

Get involved as an undergraduate student with student organizations, produce solid undergraduate work and secure faculty recommendations to help you succeed as you progress to the next step.

Prepare for a career as an audiologist

An undergraduate degree in audiology lays the foundation for your future career as an audiologist. Audiologists:

  • Measure a person’s range of hearing
  • Diagnose and treat hearing and balance issues
  • Design and implement new safety and screening programs
  • Develop new research in the field
  • Make recommendations for hearing aids, implants, surgery, etc.

Degree options

Expanding options with graduate education

Graduate education and experience is required for most audiology careers, and our program prepares you for graduate education. The department of communication sciences and disorders offers a Doctor of Audiology program, one of the few doctorate programs on campus.