Journalism and Media Internships

Internships help you explore the media industry, meet pros and gain relevant experience.

Build your readiness for the job or career you want to pursue.

Internship coordinators

For JRN 595, MED 595 and MED 695.

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Internship pre-requirements

To register for an internship, you must:

  • Have completed at least 60 credit hours
  • Receive permission from the internship coordinator

You're responsible for finding and securing your internship.

Talk with the supervisor at your internship site to set your internship schedule.

Each hour of internship credit requires 45 hours of work at your internship site. Example: If you do 135+ hours of internship work, you will earn three credit hours.

You can earn up to six credit hours in internships.

Applying for your internship

Media and journalism interns must:

  • Complete an application form available from the internship coordinator
  • Provide the coordinator with a detailed proposal outlining goals.
  • Provide the coordinator with documentation from their on-site supervisor confirming they will oversee the internship.

You need to submit these documents before you can register for your internship. Complete and turn in the documents before the semester starts.

Completing your internship

Your on-site supervisor evaluates your internship. You must also provide progress updates to the internship coordinator:

  • Maintain a time log of internship work and submit reports detailing your activities
  • Complete a formal self-assessment at the end of the internship

More paperwork may be required, as listed in the course syllabus.

For example, you may need to submit a portfolio or final project, keep a journal, or read and review articles related to your internship.

Types of internships

A journalism internship (JRN 595) involves work at:

  • Newspapers and magazines (reporter or photographer)
  • Television or radio stations (reporter or producer)

A media internship (MED 595) involves work at:

  • Corporate settings (audio recording facility, ad agency, multimedia productions, in-house productions)
  • Radio or television stations (producing commercial or promotional material)

Internship help and advice

While you’re responsible for finding your own internship, you have people who can help you.

Talk with the internship coordinator, a faculty member in your area of interest and your advisor. They can help you identify internship openings that meet your personal goals.

Do an internship only if you have the necessary academic background for that role.

You’re representing not only yourself, but MSU and the department as well.

Bring a strong work ethic and a desire to learn are crucial for your success.

And remember: If you perform well in the internship, it’s not unusual to be hired later for a paid position.

Review internship advice (PDF)