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In the traditional format, the communication graduate program is a 33-hour program that can be completed in two years if full-time student status is maintained. The graduate program admits new students every fall semester. Most of the graduate-level courses in the department are offered either online or in the evenings, providing flexibility for working professionals.

Within the graduate coursework, you may select one of two options to fulfill the program's research requirement:


This option requires that you complete a written thesis and public presentation of your research to graduate. A thesis typically reports results of theory-guided, original analysis or inquiry relevant to the field of communication based on accepted methods of humanistic or social scientific research.


The non-thesis option requires the completion of a seminar paper or professional project and a public presentation of your research to graduate. A seminar paper is typically shorter than a thesis and may synthesize literature, present the results of a small study, or present a case study. A professional project engages in the development, enactment, and assessment of an applied communication project such as a workshop, training, or campaign

In addition to completing a thesis, seminar paper or professional project, all communication graduate students must pass a comprehensive exam which is accomplished through the public presentation of their work.