General Education Report Process

The process described on this page corresponds to the modified reporting protocols being piloted by CGEIP during the 2019–2020 academic year (with approval from Faculty Senate). In this modified reporting process, annual reports and biennial reviews will be replaced by biennial reports. Reports will be required for courses in the Natural World and Public Affairs areas this year (December 6, 2021 due date). No reports are required for Natural World or Public Affairs.

Information that will be included in your report

A general education course coordinator, with assistance from faculty who teach the course, will prepare a report that includes:

  • Identification of faculty who participated in the course review.
  • A list of the General Goals in the course’s focus area (checklist provided in the report form).
  • A description to connections between the course’s learning goals and the selected General Goals (from the list of general education goals corresponding to the courses’ focus).  
  • An explanation of how students’ success at meeting those goals was evaluated, e.g., evaluation of common exam questions, assignments, projects, etc., that tie into the goals).
    • Note that the focus is now on the General Goal(s), not on the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in the Senate-approved guidelines for assessments.
    • This is intended to give course coordinators and faculty much flexibility to decide how to evaluate their courses and to select assessment points to best fit the course’s discipline.
  • An assessment of student learning, i.e., a description of students’ performance relative to the general education learning goals. Documentation of student learning with respect to the course’s General Goal(s) is the key point of the report!
  • A reflection on the course’s success at meeting the General Goal(s). Where was the course most successful? Were there any areas of weakness?
  • What are the plans for the course going forward?  What should remain the same?  What might be adjusted to improve student learning?
  • A representative syllabus from the course.
  • Optional responses:
    • If applicable, a description of ways that diversity content is included in the course (assignments, projects, etc., that tie into the goals).
    • A description of any assessment methods (e.g., rubrics) that might be applicable to other courses and that you would be willing to share.
    • Information about general education content in dual credit courses.

Mechanics of the reporting process

  • This year’s reports are due on December 6, 2021.
    • Reports are due only for Natural World and Public Affairs courses.
    • No reports will be required this year for Natural World and Public Affairs courses.
  • Accessing the report form:
    • The report form resides within Office 365.  When you click on the link below, you will need to log into Office 365, and for that you will need to enter your, NOT your regular campus email address.  Your password will be the normal one used for other campus logins.
    • Link for report form: General Education Course Report
  • Filling in the report:
    • Note:  The form may receive some “cosmetic” changes, e.g., changing “Annual Report” to “Biennial Report”, etc.  The body of those reports will be identical, so do not be concerned if you have been working with a report form that has a few items labeled differently.
    • The report form does not allow you to save a partially completed form and return to it later. It would be best if you initially enter your responses into a Word document and then cut and paste those into the form when you are ready.
    • Alternately, you can right-click on the report and use Save As to save the webpage form to a folder, and enter your answers into that. You will still need to copy and paste your responses to the form in Office 365. The saved file appears identical to the one in Office 365, but it does not allow you to submit the report.
  • Report examples
  • Submitting the report.
    • There is a Submit button at the end of the report form.