Campus Services

students sit in a classroomThe CDR provides services and offers programming for the Missouri State campus community to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Educational offerings, like the Conflict Resolution in College student organization and the Campus Conflict Workshop Series, help Bears learn communication and conflict management strategies. Services like conflict coaching and mediation assist faculty, staff, and students with managing challenging conflicts. Restorative justice programming assists the Office of Campus Conduct with educating students about the impact their actions have on others and the campus community. And services for campus units provide invaluable resources to help ensure University faculty and staff can address conflict and change in productive ways.

Conflict Coaching and Mediation Services

The CDR offers conflict coaching and mediation services to assist faculty, staff, and administrators in managing workplace conflicts. The CDR understand the unique nature of the University environment and can utilize both on- and off-campus professionals to assist with disputes at all levels.

Campus Conflict Workshop Series

The CDR regularly offers workshops designed especially for Missouri State University faculty and staff as a part of its Campus Conflict Workshop series. These free workshops are typically offered during the lunch hour in the Plaster Student Union.

The Conflict Resolution in College Student Organization

The Conflict Resolution in College (CRC) student organization exists to serve the students of Missouri State University.

Restorative Justice in Campus Conduct

The CDR provides a host of restorative options to address campus conduct issues and help students understand the impact of violations of the Student Conduct Code.

Services for Campus Units

The CDR offers training, facilitation, and conflict intervention services for Missouri State departments and units.