CRNA to DNAP One-Year Degree Plan

The following degree plan is based on the 2019-20 graduate catalog.

First semester (summer)

ANE 800 Leadership for Evidence-Based Practice 3
ANE 897 Research for Scholarly Project 3
ANE 806 Professional Practice in Anesthesia 3
Total hours9

Second semester (fall)

ANE 810 Health and Wellness in the Healthcare Setting 3
ANE 804 Business of Anesthesia 3
ANE 803 Human Factors and Patient Safety for Healthcare 3
Total hours9

Third semester (spring)

ANE 754 Healthcare Ethics for Anesthesia Providers 3
ANE 898 Capstone Project Presentation 3
ANE 807 Anesthesia and Healthcare Policy 3
Total hours9


  • ANE 897 and ANE 898 are offered every semester.
  • It is important that you take ANE 897 early in your program to begin your capstone work.
  • Professional practice takes a minimum of one year to complete no matter which semester you take the class.
Degree plan last reviewed 12-11-2018.