Alternative Academic Advisor Forum

The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA) offers support for advisors through not only conferences and webinars, but also free online materials such as the NACADA Clearinghouse.

If you need to renew your Master Advisor status and are unable to attend three hours of advisor training and development sessions, you may earn one hour of credit by selecting an article on academic advising from the NACADA Clearinghouse and addressing the following in a Word document:

  1. Title, author(s), and date of the article
  2. Brief summary
  3. How can you immediately apply what you read in the article to your position?
  4. How can Missouri State as a whole benefit from what you have learned? Are there best practices that could be adapted here? What specific student population(s) could benefit from this knowledge/practice?

Email as an attachment to Ross Hawkins to receive an hour of Master Advisor Certification credit.

Example 1

Example 2