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The next Advising Basics and Master Advisor workshops will be held on Monday, May 17, and Tuesday, May 18, 2021, in PSU 313.

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The Academic Advising and Transfer Center proudly presents the Master Advisor Training Program at Missouri State University. Developed in the spring semester of 1996, the program has enjoyed much success including support from the president of the University, Clif Smart, who signs a certificate, which is presented by a representative from the Office of the Provost, designating each participant who completes the training program as a "Master Advisor."

The Master Advisor Training Program received recognition by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) in 1997 as an Outstanding Advising Program at the NACADA Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Over 800 faculty and staff advisors have been awarded the Master Advisor certificate since the program's inception. 75% of our students are being advised by Master Advisors.

We offer four types of academic advising workshops:

  • The Advising Basics Workshop for new faculty and staff advisors as a precursor to the Master Advisor Workshop. Certificates are not awarded for this workshop.
  • The Master Advisor Workshop is the award winning advisor training workshop. Faculty and staff advisors who complete the Master Advisor Workshop receive framed certificates.
  • Refresher Workshops for Master Advisor Recertification.
  • Advising Support Workshops for departmental support personnel who regularly see students. Certificates are not awarded for this workshop.

Master Advisor Workshops

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This is a two day workshop.

  • The first morning consists of the Advising Basics Workshop intended for those faculty and staff advisors who have not previously attended an advising workshop. This workshop is from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.
    • The Advising Basics Workshop provides Information designed for those who are new to advising or to Missouri State. Note: registration priority is given to those with assigned advisees.
  • The first afternoon and second day consist of the Master Advisor Workshop intended for those faculty and staff advisors who have already attended the Advising Basics Workshop or who are familiar with the information covered in the Advising Basics Workshop.
    • The Master Advisor Workshop provides a comprehensive examination of advising information and topics. Note: registration priority is given to those with assigned advisees.

There is a fee applied to all staff and faculty advisors attending from other institutions. For more information, please contact Ross Hawkins at 417-836-5258, or

Lunch is provided on the second day of the Master Advisor Workshop. Please pay attention to the deadline dates.

More information

For more information regarding the advising workshops please contact:

Ross Hawkins, Director
Academic Advising and Transfer Center
UNVH 109
Missouri State University
Springfield, MO 65897