Be Advised: Help Your Advisor Help You

Academic Advisors at Missouri State are committed to helping you meet your educational goals, and we want you to use available resources to help you succeed in college and beyond. These guidelines for working with your academic advisor will assist you with completing your degree and in planning for your future:

  • Meet with your advisor at least once a semester to discuss your long-term and short-term goals and evaluate your academic progress.
  • Prepare for meetings with your advisor; bring a list of questions, a current degree audit, and ideas about class choices. Check program requirements and class prerequisites, too.
  • Be punctual for appointments and contact your advisor in advance of any necessary schedule changes.
  • Seek help from your advisor when you need it, so any problems you face don't become overwhelming.
  • Communicate honestly with your advisor about information he or she may need to know about you in order to help you effectively; this includes information about significant changes that can affect your academic progress and goals, like a job change or new choice of a major.
  • Appreciate your advisor's multiple duties--which can include teaching, committee work, and research activities--and be prepared to work with his or her schedule, too.
  • Accept responsibility for the decisions and actions (or inactions) you take that affect your educational progress.