Submit a Request for Renovation to an Existing Space or Building

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Project Request Form

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Planning, Design & Construction is responsible for managing any request for the renovation of existing facilities or any existing space on campus.  This includes work that is not routine maintenance.  If you are ready to authorize work and commit funds to a renovation project, we ask that you complete a Project Request Form (PRF) describing the work you want completed.  In order to authorize completion of the work, signatures from your Department Head or Supervisor, your Dean or Director, and your Vice President or Provost is required.  These signatures indicate that the funding source is available and may be used for the project you are requesting.  You must send the original PRF to Planning, Design & Construction before your request will be accepted.  Facsimile or electronic submission will not be accepted.  We will review your request and determine the best way to design, bid and execute your project to meet your needs.

Estimate only

If you would like to make a renovation or modification to an existing space or building but would like to receive an estimate prior to authorizing work and committing funds, we ask that you submit a Project Request Form (PRF) and indicate "Estimate Only" in the project description. A Department Head or Supervisor signature is required and the form must be sent to Planning, Design & Construction with original signature before your request will be accepted.

Examples: Replace Carpet, Replace Lab Equipment, Modify Office Layout, Flooring Replacement, Update Finishes

Does your request modify space or the specified use of an existing space?

Please submit a:

University Support Services is responsible for the coordination of all requests for facility additions, modifications, and utilization changes.  All requests for additional space, modification to existing space, or changes to the specified use of space begins with a Facilities Request Form (FRF).   Once your request has been approved by the University Space Allocation Advisory Committee, you will then submit a Project Request Form (PRF).