Fight Song and Alma Mater

Fight song

The current Missouri State University fight song was adopted in the 1960s. "The Scotsman" has been a university tradition for nearly 50 years, and is an important aspect of Missouri State athletic events, pep rallies and other gatherings. As the university's name has changed over the years, the tune and the words to the song have also evolved.


Uphold tradition, our school we hold so dear,
We will be loyal, throughout our college years,
FIGHT FOR VICTORY, while we stand up and cheer,
Let's hear it for the Bears:

Alma mater

This tune, the traditional "alumni" song of Missouri State, is performed at every commencement ceremony and sometimes played at athletic events or other ceremonies. Students and alumni are encouraged to learn the Alma Mater and participate when it is performed.


Sing we praises,
Now to our alma mater,
All hail maroon and white,
Missouri State,
We pledge devotion,
May you live ever in truth and right.
May you live ever in truth and right.