Assistive Technology Demonstration Products


  • Home or building access
  • Vehicle access
  • Vision equipment
  • Computer access
  • Health, safety, and daily living
  • Seating, positioning and personal mobility
  • Augmentative communication
  • Recreation equipment
  • Learning and development
  • TAP for telephone
  • TAP for internet

Products available for demonstration purposes

The following are examples within select categories of products currently available for demonstration purposes.

Home or Building Access

String Switch -- The String Switch can turn anything on from televisions to a child's toy. It requires low range of motion and minimal strength

Leaf Switch -- The Leaf Switch is also capable of activating most everyday appliances by lightly pressing a foamed pad from one side to the other.

Vision Equipment

Window Eyes -- Window-Eyes is a screen reading software that allows you to adjust what and how you hear. Plus, with its enhanced Braille support, that control is extended to what you feel as well.

Zoomtext Windows Magnifier -- Among its many features, Zoomtext enlarges, enhances, and reads everything on the screen. The quality and performance is unmatched.

Computer Access

Intellikeys -- The Intellikeys keyboard is a versatile enlarged keyboard that plugs into any computer with only the change of a cable. It enables users with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities to type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and execute menu commands.

Discover KENX-- This software and hardware package provides a range of alternate access options for operating a computer. Includes setup for using a switch, and onscreen keyboard

Augmentative Communication

Cheap Talk 4 -- This voice output communication device allows the student to communicate a message by touching one of four 2 inch colored squares.

Message Mate 8 -- MessageMate is a small, easy-to-use communication device with high quality digital recording capability.

Recreation Equipment

The All-Turn-It Spinner -- Provides students with profound/severe disabilities the opportunity to interact with their peers in a variety of classroom activities. Students can use the All-Turn-It Spinner to make random selections (e.g., choosing groups) or even to play games of chance (e.g., rolling dice, Bingo). Students love the All-Turn-It Spinner because it makes every activity meaningful and fun.

Learning and Development

Word Prediction Software -- This software allows children with learning disabilities to build better sentences, while expanding written vocabulary for all struggling students.

Kid Works Delux -- One of many easy-reading software that provide a new way of learning literacy for young people with learning disabilities.


Dialog VCO Phone -- Dialog Voice Carry-Over (VCO) is a versatile telephone designed to meet the needs