Assistive Technology Demonstration Project

AT Demonstration Program

The Disability Resource Center at Missouri State University is pleased to announce the establishment of a regional assistive technology demonstration project. Talented faculty and staff at Missouri State with expertise in assistive technologies such as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), low vision and Braille devices, screen readers, mobility aids and a full array of other equipment are now providing demonstrations.

This project is a partnership with the Missouri Assistive Technology Council and area agencies such as the Springfield R-12 Public Schools and the Southwest Center for Independent Living. Persons interested in having a demonstration provided either at the Springfield campus or at remote locations in the Missouri State service area and beyond may dial: 1-(866)-574-4767.

Note: This project only provides demonstrations of devices and does not assist agencies or individuals in making recommendations for specific equipment.

The Assistive Technology (AT) device demonstration program provides hands on training in the use of various assistive technology products.

What a device demonstration includes

  • Individual and small group exploration of devices to increase awareness and knowledge of what is available.
  • Individual consultations to support device trials and assist in appropriate device selection.
  • Individual and small group training on specific device to support proper use.

A student uses assistive technology

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