Instructor Workshops and Certifications

Campus Recreation offers training opportunities for advancing your skills as a fitness instructor. These workshops can provide you the necessary training for teaching fitness classes through Campus Recreation and for receiving certification through a national fitness association.

Look out for our next workshop, FALL Semester, 2017. Date TBA.

Introducing Bokwa®!

Bokwa® Fitness is a new fitness craze that is sweeping the nation! Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine, moving together to today's most popular music. Participants of all ages and fitness levels LOVE Bokwa®. Because the steps are structured and based on forms of letters and numbers, doing Bokwa does not require you to count steps. It is easy, fun, and effective. Find more information here.


  1. Nonstop cardio fat burning class.
  2. Style of South African Street dance, Kwaito, and todays HipHop and top 40 music.
  3. 6000-8000 steps in one class.
  4. Simple walking motion, everyone can do.
  5. Be in the moment. In order for exercise to be effective you must have mind-body connection. Bokwa forces you to do this.
  6. Enjoy Bokwa music!

Become a Bokwa® Level 1 Instructor today! and join the FREE Master class!

Student Rate: $199.00

Non-Student Rate: $249.00