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October 2009 E-Newsletter

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Missouri State’s sports are well underway.  The Missouri State Bear football team has been doing well.  Their record is 4 wins and 3 losses and 2-2 in the Missouri Valley Conference.  They won the first two games at home, and won on the road at Youngstown State University and Western Illinois University.  The win at Youngstown was just the first in the six past tries.  It took a game winning field goal to pass up Western Illinois too. The Football Bears head up north to take on North Dakota State University Saturday, October 24th.

The Missouri State Lady Bear volleyball team has done well, also. Heading into the home stretch with a record 15-5 overall and 8-1 in conference. The Lady Bears have 4 home games left in the regular season. This week they head to rival Wichita State to battle for bragging rights and another win.

Other Missouri State fall sports include:  Cross Country, Field Hockey, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Softball, and Men and Women’s Swimming and Diving.  For a complete listing of sporting events and up to date news, visit:  www.missouristatebears.com .

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Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration will be hiring new student leaders to work the summer 2010 SOAR sessions.  Students must:  possess and maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher, have completed at least 30 credit hours by end of Spring 2010, have full-time student status for Fall 2010, have completed IDS 280 (the one-credit hour SOAR leader training course) in the Spring 2010 semester with a grade of C or better, and must be able to attend all training activities and work all scheduled SOAR sessions (tentatively May 28 through July 22). 

There will be informational meetings for students to come and learn what it takes to be a SOAR Leader.   These meetings will be November 4th and 5th.  If interested, they will need to turn in an application form, along with two recommendation forms.  Then, they will need to attend SOAR Carousel, which is our unique interview process, on November 21st. More information can be found at on the www.missouristate.edu/soar 

If you think your student would be a good candidate for a SOAR Leader, encourage them to come to an informational meeting and apply!

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My freshman year at Missouri State was an excellent experience and has laid down the foundation for the rest of my tenure at MSU. I came to Missouri State because they have an excellent Political Science department, one that could really prepare me for Law School. My parents and I worked extensively together to figure out which school would benefit me the best, and Missouri State was the answer. Once I came to school my parents still played a vital role in my life, we spoke on the phone all the time. I would call them just to let them know how my classes were going and if there was anything I was struggling with. I also talked to them when something exciting would happen, such as when I decided to join a fraternity. My parents serve a key role in my life even if I am living across the state from them. I would not be where I am today if it were not for the support of my parents and family. I enjoyed how my family was allowing me to make my own choices in college, with a bit of guidance here and there. I guess my key point would be to give your students space when they come to college. Allow them to make their decisions, because it takes a lot of pressure off of them and allows them to make a decision that will better their future.

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This year’s Family Weekend was a huge success. There were many events that took place on Friday and Saturday night including record attendance at the Football Game vs. UNI. Thank you to those of you who came out and support your students and Missouri State. It is always a joy to have families on campus and we are grateful to the support you give to your students.

Events this year included: Women’s Volleyball Game, SAC Rock-n-bowl, JQH Tours, BearFest Village Tailgating, Football Game, and Manhattan Short Film Festival. Each event was carefully planned and coordinated to bring a taste of Missouri State to all the families. Many of our Fraternities and Sororities held Family Weekend events during this time as well.

 Unlike past years a group of student leaders planned this year’s Family Weekend. They were Mindy Dilley (Sr), Lindsay Farris (Sr), Nathan Roberts (Jr), and Marco Kilongkilong (Jr). This powerful group of student leaders worked for 9 months to put on a fabulous weekend for families. Each student was asked to help because of their commitment to Missouri State University and their involvement in student organizations across campus. If you know these students or see them make sure to let them know what a wonderful job they did planning Family Weekend 2009.

If you attended any or all of the Family Weekend events please send us your comments to FamilyAssociation@missouristate.edu. If you were unable to attend, but have some great ideas we would love to hear those as well. Remember that the Family Association and Family Weekend are for you and your student so keep those ideas coming.

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In two weeks we will be making the transition to a new style of E-Newsletter. It will be much more user friendly and appealing. The new newsletter link will still arrive in your e-mail, just as it has in the past. There will be a new look and added pictures that were not a part of the old newsletter. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition to a new, improved e-newsletter.

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