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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about registering for Family Weekend?

First of all, remember your student doesn’t pay the registration fee to attend Family Weekend but you do need to include your student in the number of tickets you are ordering for each event. Secondly, when you are ordering your tickets, remember to check the ADD button after you select the number of tickets for each event. If you forget to check the ADD your tickets will NOT be added to your basket when you submit your order. Make sure to have your student’s Bear Pass number when you register. You will need it to complete your registration.  Register now!

Do I have to register for Family Weekend if I am only going to the football game?

No, you do not have to register for Family Weekend to purchase football tickets.  Click here to download the ticket form. 

Do I need to buy my student tickets to Family Weekend events?

MSU students DO NOT need to pay the registration costs for Family Weekend, however you do need to include them in all your ticket counts.

Do family members have to pay to attend family events?

Family Weekend is a self-supporting event. The registration fee covers events, supplies, materials, and administrative costs. We try to keep the out-of-pocket costs as low as possible for the families.

Can families stay in on-campus housing when they come for Family Weekend?

Families cannot stay in on-campus housing when attending Family Weekend. You can find a listing of local accommodations here.

Who can come to Family Weekend?

Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends...everyone is welcome.

Do only the families of first-year students attend Fall Family Weekend?

While a large number of attendees at Family Weekend are the families of first-year students, we find that our families come back to Family Weekend year after year. All students are encouraged to invite their families.

What kinds of activities do you offer at Family Weekend?

Come prepared to have Fun! Activities include a Student Showcase and BBQ; Welcome Breakfast; Family Pool Party; Dive-In Movie; Bear Fest Family Edition; Rappelling with the MSU ROTC Bear Battalion; a Golf Scramble; Taste of the PSU; a fun-filled event at the Meyer Library; a Legacy Event for alumni and their MSU student plus much, much more.

I want to attend some events but can't attend them all. What do I do?

We understand that everyone can't be at every event. When you register for Family Weekend, you will be offered the choice of many different activities at various times throughout the weekend.

My family and I want to attend the Family Weekend football game. Can our student sit with us?

Your student can sit with you and his ticket is free. Order your tickets here. Once you place your order, your student’s ticket will be added to your order by Athletics.

Where can I get my Bear Wear?

The MSU Bookstore is your best resource for Bear Wear. Remember to come dressed in your Bear Wear for Bear Wear Friday on September 13. Order Bear Wear here.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact Priscilla Childress, Coordinator, Parent & Family Programs at (417) 836-3060 or at with any questions or concerns.