Move-In Process

Most students move in Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2023 through Sunday, Aug. 20, 2023.

Review the move-in guide

Stop, drop and roll

  1. Between Aug. 16-19, arrive at Kentwood Residence Hall to obtain your keys and access card. If you are with a special group arriving early, you’ll follow the special directions provided to you via email.
  2. Look over the move-in map to plan how you will access your residence hall.
  3. Stop your car at the designated location for each residence hall.
  4. Drop your items at the curb with the person designated to stay with your items.
  5. Roll your car to your parking lot.

Move-in help

During designated times, members of Bear Crew will be stationed outside of each residence hall to assist you in moving your items into your room.

A wheeled cart or dolly may be a good investment if you have larger items. Carts will be available for check out from each residence hall, but there is a limited quantity and a 30-minute time limit.


After unloading, you may park in any of the residence hall lots or in Bear Park North. During designated times, golf carts will be available to transport people from Bear Park and more remote lots to the residence halls.

Grabbing a bite to eat

Dining options will begin August 16 for those assigned to move in. Instructions will be provided at check-in to use August 16-17. University meal plans will begin August 18, when students will use their BEARPASS Student ID.

Meal times will be posted in each lobby and online.

Explore dining services