Standard Websites

Standard websites allow you to use any web editing software to develop your web pages.

Standard website types

Personal website

Request a website that's designed to host your personal content.

Course website

Raise the online presence of your class or highlight your teaching role.

Department website

Request a website for a university department.

Organization website

Request a website for your university-recognized organization.

External organization website

If your organization isn't sponsored by the university, you can still host it under the Missouri State system.

We strongly recommend all organizations and departments use Web Press rather than standard websites.  Web Press helps ensure your website meets the university website requirements

We also encourage faculty and instructors to use Blackboard rather than standard websites for course content.

Standard website access

Not all of our website services are handled through Web Press. For those sites, we have alternative options for connecting and editing your content.

Network path access

Discover how standard websites can be edited using network path access.

WebDAV access

Discover how standard websites can be edited using WebDAV access.