MSW Regular Program Degree Plan: Full-Time

Pursuing advancement in social work

The regular standing program is for students who have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than social work. This program involves a total of 62 graduate credit hours, which includes two field practicum placements in the community.

Full-time program: The first phase in the program is the Foundation Level and involves courses taken in the first year. These courses must be completed before enrolling in the second level courses. The second phase of course work is the Specialization Level and involves courses taken in the second year. 

Sample Schedule 

The courses for this program begin in fall of the year the student is accepted; it should take two years to complete the full-time program.

Fall, Semester 1: 12 hrs.

SWK 705: Human Behavior in the Social Environment

SWK 710: Foundations in Social Work Practice with Individuals

SWK 715: Social Welfare Policy

SWK 725: Foundations in Social Work Practice with Groups and Families


Spring, Semester 2: 16 hrs.

SWK 726: Foundations in Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations

SWK 730: Perspectives in Human Diversity

SWK 740: Social Work Field Practicum and Seminar I (10 hrs.)


Summer, Semester 3: 3- 6 hrs.

SWK 750: Social Work Practice I

Elective: Social Work Elective*


Fall, Semester 4: 12 hrs.

SWK 746: Foundations in Social Work Research

SWK 754: Advanced Social Work Assessment
SWK 755: Social Work Practice II

SWK 760: Advanced Policy Practice


Spring, Semester 5: 16-19 hrs.

SWK 756: Social Work Practice III

SWK 780: Social Work Field Practicum and Seminar II (10 hrs.)

SWK 797: Applications in Social Work Research

Elective: Social Work Elective*


*You are required to meet with your advisor when scheduling classes.

Note: Practicum hours in the summer may only be required if you practicum extends into the summer term. These courses are not required for students completing all practicum hours in the spring term, which is the typical format.