October 6, 2005 Minutes

1. Call to Order - A regular meeting of the Staff Senate of Missouri State University was called to order at Plaster Student Union, PSU 313 at 1:30 p.m.

2. Roll Call -

Present - Diana Garland, Steve Mills, Guy DeVault, Terrill Harvey, Dennis Perry, Scott Walker, Ben Boslaugh, Sherry Adams, Marline Faherty, Tara Horton, Jason Rhea, Earle Doman, Sue Alvers, Darlene Bailey, LaDonna Hansen, Dale Moore, Tami Sutton

Absent - Veronica Adinegara, Wendy Ferguson, Barb Jones, Rhonda Ridinger (Faculty Senate), Carter Allen (SGA), Glen Fletcher, Phyllis Kenney, Sara Clark, Norm Griffith, David Liss

Guests - Phil Nichols, Dr. Bill Cheek, Lynn McKenzie, Fred Marty

Diana Garland, Chair, presided and Sue Alvers recorded the proceedings of the meeting. Diana reminded everyone Friday, October 7th is Denim Day and that the Denim Day Committee is still selling bracelets.

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the open, regular meeting of September 1, 2005 were approved.

4. Guest Speakers - Fred Marty and Dr. Bill Cheek

General Fred Marty, Associate Vice President for Administrative Services gave a brief presentation on proposed new transit routes that will be implemented after the ITF opens. Gen. Marty wanted the Staff Senate's input and suggestions on the new routes.

Dr. Bill Cheek, Associate Dean for College of Natural and Applied Sciences and Chair of the 2005 HLC Self-Study Steering Committee, gave an overall review on the self-study and the upcoming site visit The HLC site team will be on campus November 7 – 9, 2005.

5. Approval of Bylaws -

The Senate Bylaws committee recommended that the Staff Senate year change from a calendar year (January – December) to a fiscal year (July – June) to coincide with the annual change in leadership of other university organizations. To do this, the Senate must approve the following portions of the bylaws:

  • Section III, paragraph 2 - "Terms on the Senate begin January 1 and end December 31". Change to read "Terms on the Senate begin July 1 and end June 30".
  • Section V, paragraph 2 - Change September to March; Change October to April; "New senators are required to attend the December meeting for orientation." Change to read "New senators are requested to attend the June meeting for orientation."
  • Section V, paragraph 6 - Change "December 31" to "June 30"

A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the changes recommended by the Bylaws Committee.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to extend the current senators' terms six months to coincide with the fiscal year change.

6. Officers Report -

Diana Garland told the senate that the October monthly meeting between Dr. Nietzel and the Executive committee was canceled due to Dr. Nietzel's trip to China.

Diana noted that she read staff comments in the Springfield News Leader from staff about President Nietzel's October 3, 2005 report on Missouri State. She also noted that Missouri State student Kelli Wolfe was named one of the top 10 College Women by Glamour Magazine.

The search committee for the Provost position was selected and planned to meet today. Diana suggested that everyone check the website to find out who was appointed to the committee.

Ben and Diana will soon be traveling to Columbia and the University of Missouri to tour MU's Recreation Center.

7. Committee Reports -

  • University Health Care Committee Update, Ben Boslaugh for David Liss - The Health Care Committee continues to look into different consumer driven health care plans.
  • University Budget Committee, Ben Boslaugh - Nothing new to report.
  • Budget & Priorities Committee, Phil Nichols - Budget & Priorities committee recommended that the Staff Senate request $5000 as an FY07 budget item to fund a climate survey instead of the currently pending Staff Senate Budget & Priorities survey. Professor Steve Thomas estimated his cost to administer and interpret the survey. A resolution motion was made, seconded and passed that in calendar year 2006 an independently administered staff Climate Survey be undertaken in lieu of the currently pending Staff Senate Budget & Priorities survey.
  • 2005 Presidential Compensation Committee, Phil Nichols - The committee is discussing the 1% reallocation proposal. Each department is to decide who receives an equity. It is also taking a hard look at modifying the step system.
  • Ad Hoc PIC Committee, Lynn McKenzie - The committee is currently working on picking 15 peers of aspiration to use as CPI benchmark and salary objects. It is whittling down a long list based on graduation rates, FTE's, etc. The committee has a November 15, 2005 deadline.

8. New Business -

  • Three new Senators were approved: Patrick Byers, Thomas Norrell and Roger Duclos.
  • Diana appointed Terrill Harvey to serve as Chair of the Four Day Work Week Ad Hoc Committee.

The next regular meeting is at 1:30 p.m. on November 3, 2005 in Plaster Student Union Room 313.

The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Sue Alvers
Staff Senate Secretary