June 3, 2010 Minutes

1. Call to Order - Konya Knackstedt, Chair, called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:30PM on June 3, 2010 in Plaster Student Union, 313.

2. Roll Call - Cindi Barnett, Secretary, conducted roll call.

Present: Konya Knackstedt, Tabitha Haynes, Cindi Barnett, Sandy Arthur, Corbin Campbel by Proxy (Kelly Barnts), Mike Frizell by proxy (Catherine Beck), Marian Green, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr, Cathy McFall, Janelle Melton, Dale Moore, Erin Parrish, Dennis Perry, Terry Plank, Teresa Steele by proxy (Peggy Preston), Jamie Trussell by proxy (Dana Popp), Kirk Whittington, Dixie Williams, Mary Ann Wood, and Kyle Yates

Absent: John Avery, Debbie Branson, Debbie Casada, Donald Clark, Corbin Campbell, Kate Mendenhall, Christopher Polley, and Christopher Herr

Guests: Andrea Weber (Student Engagement) and Sharon Lopinot (Greenwood)

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the May 6, 2010 meeting were approved. A motion was made by Dale Moore; 2nd by Dixie Williams and approved by all.

4. Welcome - Konya Knackstedt thanked all the senators for their support during the past year. She also welcomed the new senator, Matthew Stublefield.

5. Old Business

  • Sick Day Pool – Konya Knackstedt reported. Konya Knackstedt and Leonard McGownd, co-chairs, will be meeting with other committee members, Peggy Preston and Dale Moore.
  • Staff Picnic - Dixie Williams reported. $70 was donated at the picnic to the Staff Senate Scholarship Fund. Dixie asked for feedback. She said she has received some positive feedback already. Several faculty also attended the event.
  • Tent Theater – Janelle Melton reported. The event is set for June 8. There are about 15 extra tickets if anyone would like them. The response was good and all requests were accommodated.
  • Springfield Cardinals tickets – Konya Knackstedt reported. 370 have been sold. We can get 500. Contact Konya if you still need tickets. Peggy Preston is looking for MSU staff to sing the national anthem at the game. She currently has heard from 6 people and would like to have more. Let her know if you, or anyone else, is interested.

6. New Business

  • Election of new officers – Cathy McFall, By-Laws Committee, nominated the following senators for office:

Chair-elect: Mike Frizell
Secretary: Janelle Melton
Parliamentarian: Marian Green

A motion was made by Dixie Williams to accept these nominations as officers; 2nd by Terry Plank; and approved by all.

  • Nomination for new senator - Holly Robison has been nominated to fill the opening with the resignation of Lynette Walker. She will need to submit an application.

7. Committee Reports

  • By Laws Committee – No report
  • Budget and Priorities – No report
  • Denim Days – No report
  • Executive Committee – No report
  • Membership Committee – No report
  • Public Affairs - Tabitha Haynes reported. The next street cleaning has been set for June 19 @ 9am. Contact Tabitha if you would like to help. A consent form must be completed prior to helping.
  • Public Relations – Konya Knackstedt is seeking a replacement for her on the committee.
  • Scholarship – No report
  • Website Administration – No report

8. Other Committee Reports

  • Faculty Senate Representation – No report
  • Public Arts Committee – No report
  • Wyrick Commission – No report

9. Announcements

  • Staff Senate for FY11: Konya Knackstedt asked for suggestions on topics for Staff Senate to address in the upcoming year
  • University Non-Smoking Policy – It was asked if the policy could be implemented any sooner instead of phased in.
  • Welcome for President Cofer: It was suggested that Staff Senate welcome the new President with a basket of local products.
  • University Recreation Center – Cindi Barnett stated that a webcam should be up and running soon.
  • Long-range Steering Committee - Dale Moore reported that the new five-year plan is coming together

Next meeting: July 1, 2010, PSU 315 ABC