Missouri State University - West Plains
Savannah Summers

Savannah Summers

  • Hometown: West Plains, MO
  • Academic Program: Associate of Arts in General Studies

Student Spotlight: Savannah Summers

"The faculty and students are amazing! I have felt welcomed and like everyone really wanted me to succeed."

Why did you choose to attend Missouri State-West Plains?  I had A+ to use and wanted to get all my pre-requisites done while I could stay at home.

How would you describe your experience here?  I’ve loved getting to further my education here. The faculty and students are amazing! I have felt welcomed and like everyone really wanted me to succeed.

What has been your favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains?  My favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains is the atmosphere. It’s not too big, so we can have one-on-one relationships with our classmates and professors.

What has been your favorite course, and why?  My favorite course has been Religion and Human Culture (REL 100 90). This class helped me to take a deep dive into cultures all over the world and at many different time periods. I think it is good to study about different religions because it helps you connect with other cultures and their ways.

How have faculty and staff helped you during your time at Missouri State-West Plains?  Faculty and staff have been very helpful in navigating my first two years of college. I’ve had a lot of questions and each one has been answered by our wonderful staff!

How did you choose your major?  I chose my major, radiology, by job shadowing and talking with people in the hospital about all the pros and cons.

What have you learned from Missouri State-West Plains that will help you succeed in your education, career or life?  From completing my associate degree in general studies, I have learned that it takes more hours of studying than you actually think to get through a semester. So, going into my next chapter of education, I know what it will take to succeed.

What are your plans after graduation?  After graduating from Missouri State-West Plains, I will continue my education in Springfield at Cox College’s radiology program!